Your 22 Methods To Sell Your Retreat

Video series

This self-paced course shows you 22 brand-new ways to sell retreats.

Within minutes of watching the videos, you will be able to apply it to your sales strategy... and it will work like magic.

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The 22 Methods to sell your retreat have been created to transform how you sell your retreats.

Are you ready to make a massive, lasting impact and make more money in your life and business?

22 Methods to sell your retreat!

Here's the solution you've been looking for
, especially if you think most clients won´t see their retreat because they don´t know where to advertise it!

Get ready to attract more ideal clients, and manifest more money. As magical as it sounds, it really is that simple. Your 22 Methods to sell your retreat is a mini-series of videos designed to help you create lasting changes in your retreats and make a bigger impact in your business.

These teachings have been proven to attract ideal clients, align your beliefs, find where your potential clients spend their time —and most importantly: attract more money!

In This Course, You'll Find 22 Simple Ways That Literally Tells You Where To Sell Your Retreat.

Are you ready to make the shift and feel the change you desire in your life?

The 22 Methods to sell your retreat is the only program of its kind, which includes three videos that work together to teach you where to find and attract your ideal clients, increase profit in your business, and make a bigger impact in the world.

Let go of the old ways of selling retreats and create space for new possibilities that bring ease and joy, and financial abundance into your life.

What My Clients Say...

Taking Leni´s course was the best decision ever. I’ve been struggling to figure out how to start planning a retreat, and this course gave me the tools and steps, and confidence to go for it!

Nayeli Amezcua

I thoroughly enjoyed the Magic of Retreat Planning. Not only did it give me all the information I need to plan retreats soulfully, it also gave me more clarity about who I am as a retreat host and the value of the work I look forward to sharing and with whom.

Leni is incredibly knowledgeable and generous. Thank you so much Leni!

Veronica Ciandre

Leni´s program was created to guide us through the process it was very well orchestrated so that the flow made sense and helped create great results.

I loved how it was based on our souls' purpose and related to what we already do. I learned there were a lot more things behind the scenes that contribute to a successful retreat or program.

Sorimar Estrada

About Our Founder:

Leni Cavazos is a planner and curator. From Mexico to the world, her prime speciality is producing hybrid events, private retreats, niche masterclasses, educational conferences and immersive experiences from head to toe.

Where did it all begin? Actually at the altar! With 18+ years of experience in event creation, planning, and execution, it all started with hosting weddings back in the day. Then a surprising career opportunity in Dubai surmised with Marriott's global office, where she was recruited to roll out Marketing campaigns & hospitality conferences across the Middle East and Africa.

After six splendid years in sunny Dubai, she realized that something was missing! She sought out the next step along her spiritual path that could also holistically connect with her business life. Then before she knew it, The Retreat Planner was born: an agency focused on designing, developing, and executing events within the spiritual realm.


  • Marriott Global Elite Award - Loyalty Team of the Year (2018 & 2019)

  • Marriott Regional Elite Award - Loyalty Team of the Year 2018 & 2019

  • "Best Hotel Loyalty Program in the Middle East” during the 2019 Business Traveler Middle East Awards

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